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I absolutely LOVED my Shine VIP Detox Package at The Feel Good World. They made the 3-day juice cleanse easy breezy with helpful tips to prepare, and a Good-to-go bag full of my favorite juices and delicious raw foods to phase back out. My favorite juice is Forever Young (like heaven in a bottle!) and the Pad Thai meal is AMAZING. I am also obsessed with their Brazilian nut milk. Yum! I feel so vibrant and healthy after a full week of nurturing and loving myself at the FGW. They supported me every step of the way with friendly and personable staff, knowledgeable therapists and teachers, and a wonderful cleansing program available to all! I will definitely be back for another cleanse.M.D.
I am so inspired by the food at The Feel Good World and frequently buy things to share with others so they can experience it for themselves. You cannot believe how delicious it is! I have too many favorites to list, but my ultimate meal would have to include the Italian sandwich with Green Glow juice and some yummy jungle peanut butter cups for dessert ... heaven! And recently I learned how to make a lot of their signature ingredients at a dinner show with Christy. So grateful to have discovered The Feel Good World. It just makes me happy!K.F.
I am just coming to the end of 24 "go bags". I picked up one bag a week for my Tues, Wed., and Thursday meals. This worked so well for me as my job is fast paced, stressful and long hours. I always had great food at my fingertips. I can be an emotional eater and with healthy food available, I left the guilt behind. This food option has saved me time and money. Eating out is expensive and what is available in my part of town is very processed. With an extra 20 minutes for lunch, I was able to take a walk or merely sit quietly and breathe. I am feeling better. Anyone considering the Go Bags, give it a try! One of my better decisions for myself.K.R.
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